Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last Word

It's been two magnificent years in Medford, but now that time is over.

While this blog will remain online, I won't be making any new posts here. It's time for Tucson and my Arizona Adventures. You can follow them starting now at

Thank you for following and supporting, I hope it continues on in Arizona.
I end this blog with my final words to my coworkers at NewsWatch 12.

-- --


I've been using the term "heavy heart" to describe how I feel about leaving KDRV. Right now, I don't feel as excited as I should about my next step and next adventure, becuase of all the people I will be leaving behind. I cannot thank you enough for making my first job as excellent as it was. I loved reporting and living here, and doing it alongside you all.

I am proud to say that I worked at this station. My skills were improved and I worked with quality news people, and quality friends. Because I was comfortable outside of work, I could thrive at work. 

There's one mantra that I tried to apply everyday here-- "If everyone feels like they're working a little bit harder than they should, then that's when everything is clicking just right."
Keep pushing, keep trusting your newsteam-mates are doing the same.

Has it been the best two years of my life? Maybe.
Has it been the two years of my life where I've grown the most? Certainly.
Thank you for that.