Monday, July 23, 2012

Open Letter to Family

Thank you so much for the kind messages. I'm very excited about everything that'll be coming my way in the next year!

My last day on the job in Medford is next Friday, the 27th. Friends are helping me pack a U-Haul and I'll hit the road early Monday morning, picking up Dad (and maybe Mom) in Oakley. We hope to cruise into Tucson on Tuesday. I'll have time to apartment hunt and get settled before starting work at KOLD on Monday, August 13th. 

I've been job hunting for about two months (which is a really short time in the TV world) and was being selective about where I was looking. There were three criteria I searched for: Job, City, Station.

The job is a bit different, I'll be working a much earlier shift: 3:30a-11:30a. And I'll be doing a lot more live shots in the field, especially for breaking news. Sometimes I'll have a cameraman, sometimes it will be just me. So my ad-libbing and multi-tasking will be tested and improved. 

Why Tucson? It's more than just a step up in the rat race of the television industry. I didn't want to move across the country, or somewhere that gets feet of snow each winter. I'm still relatively close to home, in a city that I've heard good things about. In fact, Tucson was my number two choice of where to live, where I could reasonably get a job (#1 was Austin, TX).

I also wanted to work for a good station. There are some places where they don't care about the quality of the work as much, or there's no team atmosphere. KOLD is not one of them. When Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in January 2011, KOLD was the only station that didn't jump the gun and report her as dead. Today, people still priase the station for their accuracy. And that's one of the reasons I want to join.

My blog ( will have updates for the next few weeks, but I'll probably start a new one for my new adventures.

I'm very much excited for this new experience, but sad to leave Medford. It's a beautiful place, I've made great friends, and have grown comfortable in my job. But it's also tough to move further from home. Before, I was a 6-hour drive from Oakley. I could come down for a weekend trip if I wanted. It will be a bit more difficult from Arizona. I miss seeing you already, and it'll be tougher now. 
Thank you for sending your love over the past few days, and over the past two years as I've been away from home. 

Thank you for being so understanding and so supportive.

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