Sunday, June 26, 2011


My dear friend, Gianna Pascale, taught me something about myself. I am a sense-oriented person. This includes candles.

In summer 2009, I took a chance on a Yankee Candle called Blue Waves. It was on sale at TJ Maxx and seemed like a good fit for my dorm room when I was working as an Orientation Leader.

It was perfect. It smelled warm, beachy, and strong. I kept it burning almost everyday that summer. Since then it was the summer candle of choice.

I've gone to TJ Maxx in Oregon several times in the past few months, heading straight to the aisle with the candles. Despite buying a Blue Waves candle there less than 11 months ago, they seem to be out of stock. I walk away empty handed and without any kind of olfactory stimulant. Angry.

This morning I did a Google search, but it's coming up nada. There seems to be little trace of Blue Wave candles anywhere.

I even tried the TJ Maxx in Moraga, the home of the original Blue Wave. Zilch.

This week I went back to the store in Medford and ended up settling for something called Beach Blue.

I settled. It's not the same.

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  1. I will check for it in stores around here and will buy any if I find them. Mom