Tuesday, November 8, 2011


4:15am. Fast asleep after covering a Halloween parade and nighttime shenanigans.

Work phone rings. Breaking news. A driveby shooting and high speed police chase.

Shot video and got what little information I could, and turned it over to the dayside reporters.

That was one week ago. In that time, more and more information has come out about what happened early Tuesday morning. A young couple was in the victim car. In the suspect car, four people, 20 years old and younger. Three shots rang out, at least one hitting the driver in the jaw. Other passenger was out of the hospital after one day. The shooter's car flew off, leading state police on a chase that ended in a crash, killing one of the passengers. A 17 year old. The others in the car-- two 19 year olds were taken the hospital and eventually taken to jail. And a 20 year old took off. He's still on the run.

Investigators believe all four suspects are gang-affiliated, and say one is on a statewide Department of Justice watch list.

This summer gang violence erupted with a fatal stabbing and several large gang fights. This is the first time that gang violence has hit non-gang citizens, spilling into a residential neighborhood.

We've been following the story every day, covering the search for the fourth suspect, what it means to be a documented gang member, and how gang activity is checked at high schools.

It's something we'll be covering in many ways for the days and weeks to come.

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