Friday, November 11, 2011

Football is a Game.

Look, football is a game.

Paterno is out because football is just a game. He's the Godfather of everything Happy Valley. But only because of football.

And, football is a game.

Saturday's Penn State-Nebraska will represent more than just a matchup. For the team, it represents perseverance, unity, progression.

But, football is a game.

It's a diversion. It's entertainment. It's a distraction.

Just because something appalling happened involving some people who happen to be involved with football, it doesn't have to sour every other version.

Football is still football. It's a game.

Last week, I shot one of the most exciting games I'd ever seen in person. A play-in, loser-goes-home, double overtime thriller.

I'm not trying to lessen the significance, breadth, depth of what went on, is going on, and will go on at Penn State.

But let's enjoy what isn't rotten.

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