Monday, December 13, 2010

Work Last Week

Last week was a busy one -- being on call, doing a little Christmas shopping, and working around the house. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do get many new blogs up. But I'd like to post some of my stories from last week now.

A piece of national legislation has been passed by the House and is up for discussion/vote in the Senate. It's called the DREAM Act and would allow young illegal immigrants (most of whom were brought to America by their parents) to become registered citizens if they follow specific guidelines (work towards a college degree, serve in military, good behavior).
Tuesday there were many pro- and anti- rallies around the country, including one in Medford. I had a live shot from the rally in the 6:00 news.

After the Oak Knoll fire, Ashland wants to make homes safer and is offering money to do that.
A new $400 grant program helps homeowners cut down on the trees and bushes around their home and help their neighborhood.
I went door to door and found a very nice and welcoming man for the story.

Friday night at about 8:30, the police scanner started buzzing up with reports of an "attempted burglary" and "held at gunpoint." I was still in the middle of writing and editing 4 stories, but breaking news is breaking news. I grabbed equipment and went out there.
After driving through the neighborhood and talking with police, they didn't have very much information. I saw a man standing on his porch and went up to talk with him. After answering a few questions about what he saw and heard, he told me his was the house that was broken into and he was the one who held the burglar at gunpoint.
The story was our 11 lead.

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