Sunday, October 9, 2011


One of my friends from work, Sarah, is moving. She lived with a roommate in Ashland, which is a great city, but it's a 25 minute drive to work and to hang out with friends. And since Sarah is also an overnight producer (working from 11p-8a), that's about 40 minutes of commuting she could spend sleeping. Her roommate wasn't awesome either. For all of these reasons, Sarah pulled the trigger and moved to Medford on Saturday.

She brought boxes of clothes, lamps, and other knickknacks, but her small car would't be able to take the big stuff. That's where Nick and I (and our cars) come in. A queen size bed, box spring, and frame, and a dresser.

She was convinced that moving those two big items would take one trip. I was not.

Saturday afternoon we got there and spend time lifting, sliding, pushing, turning on end, and jimmying the furniture through the stairway and hallway. Once we got it all out of the apartment, it was time to figure how to get it in the S10 and 4Runner. More pulling, hoisting, and shoving to make it work. Well, we did. Dresser in the 4Runner, all the bed pieces on top of the cover of my truck bed. Strapped down with more than a hundred feet of rope and half a dozen bungie cords.

Where bungies connected with other bungies and the metal could scrape against the truck and scratch or chip paint, I covered them up with socks. Yeah, I had old socks just sitting in the truck. Don't ask.

It did not look like the most secure thing ever. And it probably wasn't. But it held through 25 minutes of driving, I-5 speeds, and city intersections. It held.

We unpacked and shifted everything where they were supposed to go. Nick built the TV stand, Sarah ordered a thankful pizza, and I set up the TV. We ate, watched a movie, and fell asleep in the evening.

Sarah's closer to work and friends (and actually shares a wall with Kristin and Nick, close friends from work). And we made it all happen in one trip. She was right.

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