Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Do Movies Suck?

I love film. I've always fancied myself a Director or Cinematographer. I love studying the intricacies of script, acting, composition, editing, sequencing. Films are beautiful. Or, they can be.

I hate crappy films. Boring premises. Flat characters. Simple shooting. Predictable dialogue. I think they're such a waste of time, money, talent.

I want to be completely engrossed in the story. I want to feel something when the movie's over. I recently re-watched "Chinatown." It's one of my favorite films. Layered like an onion. And just as smelly. I felt completely depressed at the end of the movie. And I love it.

A column this week featured a movie producer trying to answer the question: Why Do Movies Suck? I thought it was a pretty good read about a question I ask fairly often.

I still want to direct a film. Probably a documentary. Films have a large, captive audience and can get a message across in an artful way. They have power. And responsibility. I want more films to live up to that. And be an active part in that.

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