Thursday, December 8, 2011


One of the best things about Medford and Southern Oregon is the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, lakes, mountains, rivers, trails. Just about anything you want to do outside, you can do here. In beautiful scenery.

There are days when I get the great opportunity to head out to these beautiful places for work. Get paid to go to Fish Lake? To drive to the summit of Mt. Ashland? I'm on board.

A few months ago (before the cold and snow) I did a story on one of the area's lakes was getting stocked with a few hundred hybrid species of fish. I got to work early, drove about an hour out to the lake, and enjoyed the peace, quiet, and serenity of Fish Lake. Then the Department of Fish and Wildlife showed up with a tank of Tiger Trout. It was excellent.

Just a few days later I got a call from a high school teacher who was taking 150 students to Mt. Ashland. The students were going to learn about both sides of the argument around expanding the ski area on Mt. A. Some say expanding would mean better ski runs for beginners. Others say it would destroy the watershed that brings water to Ashland and the rest of the Rogue Valley. The students got to see the expansion issue firsthand. I reported on the story, from the absolute summit of the mountain. 7000 feet up.


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