Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend: A Visual Essay

I didn't take pictures of everything I did on Thanksgiving weekend, but most of it. Here's a look at the wonderful weekend that was.

Christmas trees trucked from Oregon to California.

Shasta under cloud cover. Looks pretty neat during sunset.

Drivetime. Benicia Bridge.

Facebook headquarters. I "like" it.

Tailgating. Tables, Chairs, BBQ, Beer, Football, Family.

And half a dozen kinds of chips.


Kevin is smart.

Fully stocked.

Good times abound.

Tree and santa and Kevin.

Good form, kid.

Eldest and youngest Navarro.

Master of the flame.

Grillin' on the ground.

Smoke monster.

How to stay warm in the grove.

Rummer up to be our Christmas photo.

Hoover Tower. Not named for the vacuum cleaner guy.

First Row, Second Deck, between the Uprights. Navarro suite.

Crazy Cardinal fan.

If I wasn't a Stanford fan, I'd be an Irish fan.


Loco for Luck.

All right now.


Lots of Tebowing.


Casa Navarro at Christmas.

Free return by January 31st.


"Some of the decorations are creepy." -Dad

Where to, dog?

Milestone on drive back.

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