Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forever Faithful

That was one of the best games I can remember. Nearly four hours after kickoff my voice was gone, my hands stung from high fives.

The Niners beat the odds and shut up the critics, beating the Saints on not one, but two last minute drives.

36-32. San Francisco.

This game I'll remember forever and two plays will be etched into my mind and many others among the Niner Faithful.

(1.) On a 3rd and 7, Smith runs around the edge, picks up a few key blocks and gets into the endzone. SF up with just about two minutes to play.

Everyone was thinking pass, no one was thinking run. Especially a Smith run. What a call.

After the utterly deflating strike by Brees and Graham, I almost knew we'd score again. I knew it wasn't over. The energy level was too high, the Niners had come back already. One more wouldn't be too tough, right?

Smith to Davis over the middle, putting us in field goal range.

But Harbaugh didn't play it safe. No settling for the field goal and tie. If we had tied here's what would have happened. Either the Saints get the ball and march down to score a TD. Or the Niners get the ball and the loss of momentum from the previous drive being cut short to a FG deflates the team. We end up punting and New Orleans wins. It's a lose-lose in OT. But not in regulation. Plus, Harbaugh probably watched the Fiesta Bowl.

(2.) Smith to Davis on the goal line and into pay dirt.

The sight of Davis with tears streaming embracing his leader, his coach was amazing.

It's being called The Grab. To me, it was the The Catch II, part 2.

And it'll be as memorable for me as the original was for generations past.

Never been prouder to be a Niner fan and more excited to share the moment with friends in red and gold.

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