Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under Fire

In the past three weeks there have been two deadly, officer-involved shootings in Medford. One was a 20 year old federal fugitive who was shot by U.S. Marshals. Another was an 18 year old who was killed by Medford police officers.

Having two fatal shootings by police has sparked fiery responses in the community. Very fiery.

Our station's Facebook page has seen hundreds of passionate parents, teenagers, people who live in the Rogue Valley respond. Some of them ticked off, some trying to explain the police's rationale.

It seems as though some people have made up their mind and what we report either reinforces it or must be incorrect.

That's an incredibly difficult audience to work for. I love this job because I can make a difference with my reports. Illuminate confusing topics and connect people with their community. I can't do that when my audience is a brick wall.

Rather than use scare tactics or sensationalizing stories, I want to tell only the absolute truth. I think the facts are interesting and satisfying enough on their own.

On Tuesday, I talked with the Medford Police Chief about the department's training and when they use force. How guns are a last resort.

I'm proud of how this story turned out.

Just minutes after my report aired someone wrote on our station's Facebook page, "Thank you for your coverage and explanation... thank you for serving us locally."

My pleasure.

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