Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grand Juries

A few weeks was the unofficial week of Grand Juries.

In January there were two deadly officer-involved shootings. One with the U.S. Marshals and another with Medford Police. Somehow the hands of fate placed both of those cases in the Grand Juries' laps in back to back days.

But first, what in the heck is a Grand Jury? I think all of us have seen video or pictures or some sort of image of what a courtroom looks like. Think "Law and Order" or "A Few Good Men." But what about a Grand Jury? Is it held in some bigger, gilded courtroom? No.
Here's a beginner's guide to Grand Juries:

It just so happened that that day was the day that one of the officer shooting cases was in Grand Jury. Elias Ruiz, an 18 year old, was shot and killed when he ran after police. Two officers were cleared of any wrongdoing in that case. The news came down in a press conference after 4:30. At 5, I had a live report from that room. It wasn't my best. But I had another hour to prepare and this was my report at 6:

The very next day the U.S. Marshals were ruled justified in shooting 20 year old Jimmy Georgeson, a federal fugitive. That news came down real late in the evening and we had full coverage the following day. My story used surveillance tape, 911 tapes, and an animated mock-up. I'm really happy with it.

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