Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oregon in the New York Times

Klamath Falls is a city of about 20,000. To get there from Medford you've got to drive about an hour and a half over a highway that's at once beautiful and treacherous. Ice pack covers the pavement most of the winter. The small shoulders of the two-lane highway drop off into deep ravines lined with countless evergreens.

That long drive is one of the reasons why we don't make the trip to Klamath Falls that often. I've been making it more frequently on Friday nights to cover basketball, and a few months ago to cover football. In fact, sports coverage accounts for probably half of my journeys over ice and through forests to Klamath.

A writer from the perhaps the most respected newspaper in America made the trip, also covering sports in the city. The New York Times released a story about the coach who, for 41 years, has held the position of head coach of the basketball program at Oregon Institute of Technology. And as the article tells you, it's not the only lasting achienvement he's made in Klamath Falls.

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