Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kickball For Grownups

Remember those playground games in elementary school? Four square, wall ball, and kickball are the games that I miss. But I got a chance to travel back to yesteryear and play kickball this weekend.

All the media outlets, channels 5, 10, 12 and the newspaper, The Mail Tribune, met on the grassy turf field for a kickball fundraiser. We collected money and toys for The Ethan Jostad Foundation, which is named in honor of a local boy who died of cancer.

Good fun for a good cause.

I've got to say, kicking is way tough. Every time the pitch comes in, the ball looks like it's asking to be crushed. So you drop your leg in as quick and low as possible. But it ends up a high bloop with plenty of time for someone to get under it.

It was a blast to get on the field, run around, play, and put our little athletic abilities to the test. I batted leadoff and played right, left-center, and catcher. In two games I went 3-6 with 2 runs and a few putouts.

We played two games, winning the first one against ch 10 put us in the championship against the Tribune.

We trailed late in the game. I squibbed a kick down the 3rd base line and got to first. Next batter flied out. Batting third was Chris Breece. My first base coach (yeah, we had one of those) told me I want you to score from first. Breece booted one to deep left. It sailed over everyone's head and bounced and rolled far. I pumped and moved. Stepping on the inside of the second, I turned my eyes from the base up to third and what I see gives me the most exciting feeling a young athlete can have. Half a dozen people have one arm extended to home and the other windmilling like crazy, their eyes wide, telling me I've got to move to score. I dig deep and pump through the base keeping my turn as shallow as possible. Not only am I able to score standing up, so does Breece. He kicked a 2-run home run. It ended up being the difference, we won 2-1 and took the championship.

Here's a video our newsteam put together. Look for my backwards baseball cap and the name on my jersey is BNAVA, a nod to my previous athletic endeavors with Freedom water polo.

But more importantly, it was a really fun time. I hope we can do it again.

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