Sunday, May 6, 2012

Self-Defense, Rushing River, and Pot Profits

Here's a look at some of my stories from last week.

Non-Profits face tough financial constraints just as families and businesses do. Story from Monday.

A tax levy in Josephine County would keep the Sheriff's Office from making unprecedented, drastic cuts. But many are preparing to for the worst case scenario and the possibility of having to use self-defense.

A 21-year-old fell into the Rogue River late last week. The water was rushing by at 20 miles an hour and levels were high mostly from snow level. Search and Rescue workers spent hours on the river's edge, but were unable to find the victim.

The DEA is charging six men with using the state's Medical Marijuana program to grow extra pot and sell it on the black market. I use the DEA's investigation and some math to find out just how much money these growers could have been making illegally. The answer: $7,750,000.

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