Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Technical Training

Being a reporter means everyday is a new immersive adventure. On very special occassions I'm in a classroom, on a mountaintop, or in a helicopter. Last Thursday, I was strapped into a harness and lowered into a firefighter drill.

Since I was going to be in the story I needed someone to shoot for me. Luckily, I got my friend and co-worker Julian behind the camera. He got the the sights, and the sounds from the morning training.

I'm used to finding little details and shooting them for my reports. Knowing what I've shot is important when heading into the edit bay so I can write to what I've got and sequence my story accordingly. It's unnerving and unsettling to give up some of that control and have someone else shoot all the video. Sort of like those improv skits where one person is arms for another. But Julian is a great photog and got a bunch of nice shots for the piece.

It was a fun day and a fun experience. Days like these I love being a reporter:

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