Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recent Stories

I know there have been few updates recently. I'm doing less work in the virtual world, because I'm doing more playing in the real world. Trips to the coast, saying goodbye to friends who are moving on, jetboat riding, and other personal projects have been taking up a lot of free time.

I'm hoping to catch you up on some of those fun adventures soon, but first here's a look at some of my stories from the past few weeks. 

This week, indian mascots were banned at all Oregon schools. That includes a high school just about 15 minutes from Medford. Here's the story on the reaction to the ban. And the next day's story on how the school plans for the major overhaul.

Is it graffiti or art? A smoke shop in Medford painted a bright, loud mural on it's storefront. Some neighboring customers don't like the look and feel and raised a ruckus. What do you think?

A 21-year-old fell into the turbulant, whitewater of Rogue River and was presumed dead. I have the story from the search in the hours after the report first came in.

A park in Medford that's seen stabbings, drug dealers, and many issues with transients is getting a million dollar upgrade and redesign. Been covering the story for a while, and here's the latest installment about voting for the new layout.

Schools in Eagle Point, a city just up the road from Medford, were in turmoil for months and it boiled over in the past few weeks. Bargaining broke down between the school district and the educators union (including teachers, staff, bus drivers, facilities employees). The union voted for a strike and ended up walking off the job. We covered the story everyday for about two weeks. Here's a handful of my stories from the saga: 

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