Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southern Oregon Adventures IV: Summer Weekend, Ribs, Table Rock, and OSF

A few weekends ago we had some real warm weather. Since winter is just around the corner, I planned to soak it up as much as possible. Kelley and Emily held a garage sale to get ride of some of the stuff they wouldn't be taking with them when they move. The garage sale was fun. We played tetherball, frisbee, drums, and generally had a fantastic time hanging out in the sun. Ric, a co-worker at the station, put together an awesome little video from the weekend.

Garage Sale Weekend from Ric Peavyhouse on Vimeo.

Later on Saturday, we had an unofficial Farewell party for Em and Kel. Rem, an engineer at the station, cooked ribs. It was delicious!

Sunday, we were back at the Garage Sale. Great times.

After the sale, Kelley and I wanted to spend more time outside while the weather was still awesome. Kel said she wanted to make the Table Rock hike one more time before leaving. The Table Rocks are huge volcanic plateaus (according to wikipedia). Kel and I made the 30-minute hike to the top of Upper Table Rock and got a great view of the Rogue Valley.

Sunday wasn't over yet. Emily, Kelley, Adam, Em's friend from college, Dan, and I had tickets to the world-famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. OSF presents Shakespeare's plays from spring to fall. We are lucky enough to be given a free media ticket for select shows in the early and late parts of the season. We saw "Twelfth Night," a great play about mistaken identity and love. The love part was ok, but the mistaken identity was great. I was surprised at how easy it was to understand the play, even though the actors spoke in the same Old English vocabulary Shakespeare used. It was a great play and a fantastic night.

((Pictures soon to come...))

All in all, it was a pretty amazing weekend.

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  1. We are so happy you are enjoying your job during the week and then really have great weekends! So OR is beautiful and you have done some really fun and cool things with your friends!!!