Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southern Oregon Adventures V: SF Giants

Back to California! Emily and Kelley had never been to a Giants game. They knew I was a big fan and they knew they wouldn't have too many more chances. So, about a month ago, we bought tickets to see the Giants take on the Padres in the final weekend of the regular season. Matt (our head director) and David (friend of the station) joined. We were excited!

The game was schedule to start at 6:00, but because the game had so much playoff implication, Fox made it the game of the week and pushed the start time to 1:00. Typically this isn't a big deal, but we were going to be driving down from Medford on Saturday morning and this moved our "on the road" time to 5am. Well, we made our 5:00 goal and were parked in San Francisco just after 11! Nice driving!

The park was packed even two hours before the first pitch. Inside, the fans were electric! There was a good vibe through the stadium and I was starting to think we might clinch the division with a win...

Well, the first inning quashed any of those thoughts. The Padres scored twice and quieted the crowd. We never really recovered and ended up losing 4-2.

Afterward, we ate at Amici's Pizza (and received free Dr. Peppers!). Then used Matt's magical iPhone to find a few sports bars to watch Stanford/Oregon and meet up with some former Newswatch12-ers.

That night we drove to Oakley and stayed at Casa Navarro. Mom and Dad did a great job putting together a little bed and breakfast type situation for the five of us to stay. We slept in, enjoyed a little brunch, then hit the road to get back to Medford. On the way, we stopped at In-n-Out in Redding. We're not lucky enough to have any in Medford, so it's a rare instance when we get to eat the delicious gourmet burgers, fries, and shakes at In-n-Out.


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  2. What a fun weekend, even if the Giants didn't win it that day! We really enjoyed meeting your friends and were more than happy to have them stay here and to relax, get a good night's sleep and a nice brunch before your long ride back. I love all your pics, but why didn't you include the one of you putting on your Giants jersey??!!!! That is great photog of you! Post it somewhere on here!