Sunday, November 7, 2010

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My favorite day of the workweek is Friday. Obviously.

But one of the biggest reasons it's my favorite is because Fridays I get to go out and shoot football. I love shooting sports. Football is especially fun. High school football is even more fun.

I saw this article today and wanted to pass it on. Maybe you've seen one of the better, fairy-tale football movies from the past fifteen years: "Remember the Titans."

The school represented in the film, T.C. Williams, actually does NOT participate in one of the sacred traditions of high school football: Playing underneath Friday Night Lights.

Well that changed recently. More here.

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My favorite band is Thriving Ivory. They're a piano rock band from Pleasanton.

About four years ago a friend turned me on to their music and I was hooked. Seeing and hearing them perform live is even better than their albums.

Two months ago, TI released a new album. It had a bit of a different sound and took a while to grow on me, but after two listens I was hooked.

My favorite song is called "On Your Side." To me, it's about keeping friends and having their backs and knowing they feel the same way.

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Tuesday was election day and the race for the biggest seat in the Beaver State was between (D) John Kitzhaber and (R) Chris Dudley.

Introducing the video I want to share requires giving a bit more information about the candidates Here's the shortest possible bio I can give on each candidate:

Kitzhaber was Oregon's governor for two terms ('95-'03).
Dudley played in the NBA for 16 years ('87-'03). Dudley set a record for most consecutive missed free throws (13) and one time missed five Free Throws on one trip to the foul line, also a record. (Darn! Lost track of "important" parts of the bio)

Anywho, Dudley played in the NBA and that brings you the onslaught of these videos we watched after Election Night.

Shaq v. Dudley

The Retaliation

The Election Result

Note: Dudley conceded the Gubernatorial race to Kitzhaber Wednesday evening. Kitz has only about 20,000 more votes.

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