Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm getting Potter-ized!

Friday at midnight something happened that captured millions of people's attention around the world -- and I was there.

It was the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The theatre in Medford was showing film at midnight and they were expecting more than a thousand people. Any time that many people gather in one spot in Medford, it's a big deal. So we covered it on the news.

I was there early in the afternoon, again in the evening, and once more for the 11:00 show. In the 11, I had three live hits: a quick 10 second tease before the commercial break, a 2 minute live interview with fans and "talkback" with the anchor, and a 45 second live hit in the kicker (the last piece of news at the end of the show).

Here's the live interview.

The feeling was electric there. Everyone there shared something -- a love for Harry Potter, be it the story, the characters, or the idea of magic -- and were glad to spend a good portion of the evening braving the cold and rain. Some might call them crazy...and they agree!

When I got to the theatre for my live shot, a few co-workers were there chatting with the photog. They asked if I was going to the movie after the show. I said I hadn't been planning on it, I was on call and hadn't gotten much sleep that week. After I was informed that excuse was lame and they could buy my ticket while I was on tv.

And I'm so glad I went. It was fun to be there for midnight showing with all the (self-described) crazies. It was a very good film and a fitting second-to-last piece of the puzzle.