Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going door to door

Not me. I didn't go door to door.
Well, I guess I did, but I was tagging along with Medford city officials and police officers.

Those city employees were visiting an at-risk neighborhood to get a better idea about what problems the city may be able to help with.

In an age of social connectedness and multiple ways to get in touch with people (email, phone, snail mail, probably even Facebook), these public servants are going to people's homes and asking them face to face. Pretty cool.

I tagged along and packaged the story for the 11 on Tuesday. I was able to put a mic on one of the officers as they went to one young woman's home and asked her questions.

One of the reasons TV is so successful as a medium is because it can transport the viewer to wherever the action is. And getting a microphone into the middle of these door to door visits, amplified it.

That piece of video became my favorite, and I think it held the story together.

Pretty happy with the way both of them turned out. The video and the surveys.

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