Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday was a good day

Surprising to say that.
Especially considering I was woken by the Bat Phone only five hours after going to sleep.

Sunday was a fun night of karaoke. Sang "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News. Got home around 1 and hit the hay around 2:30. Five hours later, at 7:30, the Bat Phone rang and I was told I'd need to come in early and work the day shift to cover a sick co-worker. Not the best news ever.

But the day turned out pretty great. I covered a story about landowners who would need to clear parts of their land to make it safer during fire season. After following the end of a long phone chain, I met a very nice man named Bill who showed me around his beautiful, 190-acre property. A creek flowed through the hundred year old trees.
The story turned out pretty well considering many offices and important people were not working for MLK Day. Pretty happy about that.

My live shot turned out pretty well. And I got to chat with Coop, my camera man for the day. It was nice to just talk shop and joke around after the major work portion of the day was over.

We started the 5:00 show with a 30 second clip of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. It was incredibly moving to just listen to his words and hear his passion. It made me take a longer thought about WHY the day is celebrated, WHY it's on the same level (federal holiday) as July 4th, Labor Day, Christmas. MLK's work in the civil rights movement, and the civil rights movement, itself, was incredibly important for America as a society. Incredibly important.

When I got home, I made my rounds on the social media scene and saw a number of things.

1.) My SMC Gaels are now ranked #21 in the nation. Not bad. Considering we're 16-2 and score an average of 22 more points than our opponents.

2.) One of my good friends/artistic counterparts/GaelVision buddies made a music video that was released last week that has gone viral. In less than a week, it's gotten 15,000 views. Today, it was featured on a blog on ESPN.com. Fantastic work by Devon and Hart Perez.

Me and Devon about ten minutes after walking across a stage wearing silly clothes and hats.

3.) A lot of my friends seemed to be having a good day for themselves, too! One had a job interview that went "SUPER well," Steven Sandberg was named "Favorite Sports Reporter" in the 5th Annual Best of Medford list by the publication Medford Sneak Preview, a friend travelled to the Oregon coast and Redwood forest, Tove Tupper started her new job as a reporter at KREM-TV in Spokane, people enjoyed the day off and spent time with their friends. It seems like everyone is getting a good shake today. I like it.

Add in the facst that the temperature reached 61˚, I was home by 7:00, got to watch sports and TV with my roommate, and I'm planning to be in bed and asleep by 10:30...there's no way I'm having a Monday as good as this for a while...

And if I do, it won't be a bad thing...

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