Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday: Bowling, Pictures, Salsa

Saturday was a day of rest. Kinda.

A few co-workers and I went bowling. I haven't been in about two years, but have had a lot of practice since then. On the Wii.

Bowled a 106, then a 108. Surprised myself.

Since the weather was nice, Adam and I took advantage of it. We grabbed our cameras and snapped some pictures during "golden hour." Golden hour is the time right before sunset when a warm haze makes ideal lighting conditions.

We went to Roxy Ann peak, a small mountain overlooking the Rogue Valley.

Then, we headed to a industrial worksite and took a few more.

After a short nap, went out with a few co-workers for drinks and salsa dancing. Nice!
Thankfully, there are no pictures of the aforementioned dancing.

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