Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lost in flames

Tuesday January 4th, I reported about a fire that completely destroyed a century old building. Before it was burned to the ground, it was a church. Before that, a home. Before that, a school.

It's sad to know that a building is completely gone. But it was more than a building. It was a local landmark. More than 100 years old and served as a place of worship, shelter, and education.

When the flames took the building, it took just about everything physical from that space.
But it can't take the memories or feelings.
The education and wisdom taught and learned in the small classrooms.
The love of the family that used that quaint building as their home.
The collected worshipping of the Unitarian church that gathered there every other Sunday.
The marriages that began under the steeple.

One woman who went to church there, took something from the burning rubble. She took a board that had been spared any charring. She plans to use it in the new structure that will be built in the church's place.

The congregation seems as if it's already looking ahead.
Looking ahead to rebuilding the church.
And rebuilding hope.

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