Friday, January 7, 2011

You know it's a good day when...

It's a good day when the News Director and a 25 year veteran of the TV industry say, "nice job." I had a very quick turnaround for a story on Thursday.

At 4:50 we heard call of a structure fire over the scanner.
I jumped in the car and went out there.
Got info at the scene of the fire, and called it in to the station.
Shot video and grabbed an interview with the Deputy Fire Marshal.
Was on the road back to the station at 5:40.
Arrived at 5:55.
Wrote the script, with help from Danielle.
Danielle cut most of the video, with a little help from me.
Attached the video to the digital VCR.
Fronted the story at 6:30.

it wouldn't have happened without the help of my co-workers.

That whole chain of events, earned the compliment from two of the most respected people in the newsroom.
It's not very often compliments are doled out in the I'll savor this one for a while.

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