Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Mirth day

Working a 13-hour day might seem like a bad way to spend a birthday. It wasn't.

It started great. The morning anchor, Kaylin Krashesky, told me she gave me a birthday shoutout on air! Excellent!

During the day, one of our producers, Kathy, brought in a small surprise: she baked a cake for me and a co-worker! It was rich and delicious and delicious lunch! Score!

he first part of my day I reported on a few stories, one of which I was very interested in. The Medford School District is facing a $13 million budget deficit -- nearly 15%. After being live in the evening show, I headed out to shoot high school basketball.

At about 10:30 I clocked out. And headed to a bar to meet co-workers. Nice!

Me, Kaylin, and Anne McCloy from 5.

I'm not big on birthdays, I don't want big celebrations or shindigs or anything like that. The only thing I want is to have a good time and get as many people to have as much fun as possible. Thankfully that happened Friday night. About twenty people from NewsWatch 12, and channels 5 and 10 were there. That whole competition between stations thing is only a myth. We're all buddies.

Katie Conner from 10.

Anne 5 again. With 12 Sports Director and roommate, Chris Leone

One of my only flaws: I don't like taking good pictures.

It was a great night out!

All day long, I was getting text messages, calls, and Facebook messages all wishing me a happy birthday. I was quite surprised to see how many people chimed in. And who wished me well. Classmates from high schools, SMC friends who I had only worked with for four days during Weekend of Welcome, friends of friends I met one time. All these people coming out of the woodwork to give a quick message. I know we don't keep up all year round, but it felt really nice to get a shout-out on the special day.

Overall it was a great day. Champion!

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