Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sun day on a Saturday

Saturday was beautiful weather-wise and otherwise. Slept in and watched some college basketball with my roommate, Chris. Early afternoon brought the opportunity to work out.

Then, something changed. When I got outside, the weather was a bit different compared to when I went in. The sun was shining, there wasn't a breath of wind. I didn't want to be inside anymore. After all, it is mid-February.

I went inside, grabbed a few necessities (a bag of tortilla chips, big glass of water, the Kindle e-reader, and a hammock) then set up camp in the yard behind my apartment. What a perfect way to spend a good portion of the afternoon.

After knocking out a third of The Great Gatsby, I dragged Chris out and we played catch in our "backyard."

It was sunny and summeresque outside we had to move around so we weren't blinded by the sun. The heat bared down at just the right amount. A whole lot warmer than February 12th should be, but not too hot at all. The wind started picking up and the leafless branches waved. Something was missing. It was the smell of barbecue. A small grill with burgers and asparagus would have made it a June weekend, instead of a pre-Valentine's Day weekend.

To top it off, a summer song played on iTunes. Litterally, "Summer Song" by Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck.

A little early summer action on a Saturday is sure fine by me.

((Later that night, Chris and I saw a documentary about how the Cold War ended. It's called "Rocky IV."))

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