Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowing Again

What I woke up to Friday morning.

The story of this week has been the snow predicted to fall across So. Or.

I covered several snow based stories Wed and Thur. All involved live shots, the last three had falling snow in the shot. It looked amazing.

Here they are.

WED -- How does the airport prepare for snowy weather?

WED -- Snow on passes starts building as storm moves in

THU -- Mt. Ashland benefits from good powder

THU -- ODOT cleans up I-5 Pass

In the first Thursday story I was ad libbing the end of my story live. The latest update I had was the Pass was closed just a few miles from where I was. I reported that on air.

But immediately my producer got in my IFB (little earphone) to tell me that it was actually open. In the twenty minutes since I got my update, conditions had changed again.

You can see me struggling to listen, make sense of it, and continue talking on air.

I'm not a multi-tasker. Listening, thinking and talking all can't happen at once for me. I can do two out of the three and still look smooth, but not three of three.

More evidence: I tag out by saying "Live in Ash-land." Not the smoothest ever, but not a super big deal other.

Ah... the beauty of breaking news and live television.

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