Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I got boo-ed today

At NewsWatch 12, our tagline is "Watching Out for You." We are a community partner. We partner with the community. We serve the community. Or at least we try to.

Tuesday, there was a Senior Fair. Seniors had the chance to get free health screenings, information about social services, and free giveaways.

There's also Free Bingo. With celebrity callers. Minor celebrities
Minor celebrities meaning NewsWatch 12 personalities.

Kaylin Krashesky, Erin Maxson, Me, Chris Leone, and Kristin Ketchell

I called Bingo from 10a-11a. It was really fun. Made some jokes (B-4, and after) and told them my theory that B-13 would be a winning number.
I felt like things were going well.

Until I called the wrong number.

The Ball was G-54, I looked too quickly, and it said G-55.
Krisin saw the mistake and corrected me.

I got booed. By a few dozen seniors.

If that weren't enough, there's video evidence of all of this.
Kaylin was in the room, shooting a story on the fair and our involvement. She happened to be rolling, when the mistake was made and the boo-birds came out.

It got quite the laugh in the newsroom.

Some nuggets you might want to listen for:
Senior saying: Come on!
Me saying: My contacts are a little blurry today.
Kristin: You can't send a man to do a woman's job

I like to think the crowd was booing, because we had such a good relationship.
Yeah, that's what it was.


  1. I don't think they were booing you, they were booing because they didn't like the number you called. It is time to go see the eye doctor though!

  2. Bahahaha! I love love love it! You missed it... I stayed an extra 15 minutes cause Ashley was late... in that small window of time we had a bingo game where 6 people (yes 6!) had bingo at the same time... Despite the participants being avid bingo players none of them knew the rules to this miraculous phenomenon (or at least none of them could remember...) So for a painful 5 minutes we tried to come up with a fair solution... Wowza! I am pretty sure 1 senior is leaving me a nice inheritance, and 5 have a hit out for me... So I would take your booing any day!