Friday, September 23, 2011

"Modern Family" Mom

This Sunday, the Primetime Emmy's were given the tongue-in-cheek name, "The 'Modern Family' Awards." The show took home the most trophies, including Best Comedy series, and matching awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress.

I was happy about for this. Personally and professionally.

"Modern Family" is one of my favorite running shows. I've watched almost every episode since season one, love talking about it with friends near and far, and genuinely enjoy the jokes, characters, and happy ending/morale of the story. My parents like, my friends like, my coworkers like it. It strikes a chord with a lot of different people. A good chord.

My second favorite character (behind Manny) is Phil Dunphy, the bumbling, well-meaning father of three. He's played by Ty Burrell. Ty is from the Rogue Valley and we've done several stories about his Hollywood stardom.

Monday, after the Emmy's we talked with his mom who lives in Ashland. She's a sweet, warm woman and it was more than a pleasure to talk with her earlier this week, and share her story of the night celebrating her son's victory (and, in part, her's as well).

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