Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I haven't updated the blog in 3 weeks. Long time.
I've been busy with work and errands and fun.

At work, I've been sent out to breaking news 7 times in the last 13 work days. 6 of those times I was either asleep or off the clock.

The latest edition is a wildfire that sparked yesterday afternoon. I went to the front lines of the fire and shot my story with flames, smoke, dozers, tankers, and hand crews.

The other stories will be up here over the next week or so.

Also-- I covered another wildfire, flew in a helicopter, bought a new old bike, drafted my fantasy football team, Kevin came to visit and we jumped into Crater Lake, started shooting football again, finished one of my favorite television series ever, made good on a bet that I lost, threw a bachelor party for my college roommate (his wedding is in less than two weeks), played water polo, and hiked the highest peak in Southern Oregon.

All these and stories and more. Coming up.

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