Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week's Stories

It's been a good week. I came up with a couple of stories and developed them from just ideas to ready-for-broadcast stories. It's rewarding to be able to make that happen.

Monday brought a thunderstorm to Southern Oregon and Northern California. It came into the area right on the heels of record-breaking heat over the weekend. Was there a threat of early wildfires in the rugged wilderness? I talked with ODF and a half dozen people who were caught in the middle of Mother Nature's fireworks show.

Wednesday, I took a story from Washington DC to Medford. The Supreme Court heard arguments about the controversial Immigration Law out of Arizona. I couldn't be in the capital (obviously) so I localized the argument and talked to Rogue Valley folks on both sides of the issue. Real happy to be able to turn "white collar" stories like this one, rather than just chasing the scanner.

Thursday was a fantastic day. I played a victim in a firefighter training exercise. More tomorrow, but for now here's the story:

Friday was like a blast from the past. I was invited as a judge to South Medford HS's school-wide lip-sync contest. Loud music blaring, teenagers running around and dancing, teachers joining in on the fun. It was a great, great time. And, of course, it made the news.

All around, a real nice week.

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