Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Sprang Sprung

Spring is springing or has already sprung (depending on where you live). Maybe it sprang. I dunno.

Either way, the sun is burning through the clouds, trees are blossoming, days are growing longer, and spirits are higher.

For me, Spring means listening to music that matches the season-- happier, brighter, lighter, fun-ner.

One particular Spring-y song is called "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City. It's fun, light, bright, and happy.

It's also the soundtrack to a GaelVision commercial I shot and edited about a year ago.

It's the brainchild of this guy:

Devon Perez -- My classmate, GaelVision partner in crime, and good friend.

I shot and edited the video, but he dreamt it, got the costumes, and directed it.

It was a fun (albeit early) Saturday morning shoot that turned into one of the more fun end products from my college years.

The video reminds me of Spring. Spring reminds me of this video.
Hopefully it does the same for you, too.

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