Friday, May 6, 2011

Scoops and Secrets

I should start off by telling you that "secret" is probably the wrong word.

On Tuesday, I worked on this story about consumers trending towards more fuel-efficient cars. For the story I talked to Craig Bramscher, the CEO of Brammo Motors. Brammo Motors is a company head-quartered in Ashland that is one of the world-wide leaders in designing and building electric motorcycles. In regards to this story, they said they see a big boost of interest when gas prices climb. In Southern Oregon, they finally tipped to the $4 mark -- the milestone where experts say drivers start changing their habits.

Craig was kind and obliged to give me an interview (he's great at them by the way). Then he said, "You caught me on the right day. I'm just finishing up a press release, we've got a big announcement we're making tomorrow morning." Interest piqued, so I asked.

Wednesday morning, at 4 o'clock, Brammo would be announcing four new electric motorcycles.

I asked Craig if he'd be willing to do an interview with me and I could hold it for the morning show, when the news went public.
He said sure. Stellar.

We did the interview and I got back to the station to find the press release including photos of the new bikes.

At the top of the press release, it said "Embargoed until 5/4/11 at 4am PST." Embargoed is journalism talk for "secret." It sounds cooler and perpetuates our nerdiness.

The release made the story public, but we had the on-camera interview with Craig. And he was headed to Las Vegas on Wednesday to show off and race the prototypes. No one else would be able to get that interview. Win!

We ran the story four times between 5a-7a and again in the 5p and 6p Wednesday. I was very happy to get the story before it happened. Every now and then, it's nice to feel like you scored.

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