Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I get to do cool things

I work hard, long hours for small pay. I'm on-call 2 nights a week, and unofficially 24/7.

But there are a ton of positives to outweigh those negatives:
-I get to shoot and edit video everyday.
-I get to meet new people everyday.
-I get to tell stories.
-I get to do cool things.

It's not everyday that all four of the aforementioned job qualities are true. But a few weeks ago they were.

I got to go out to Emigrant Lake (just south of Ashland) where the Jackson County Sheriff's Office was holding training for police agencies from across the state. That means going out on the water on a jet-boat trying to catch up to the cops trying to catch up to speeding boaters.

It was cold, windy, a little rainy. And it was awesome.
I was on a jet-boat. With police.
On a jet-boat.
I love my job.

Police Training Emigrant Lake -- http://kdrv.com/news/local/209685

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