Thursday, May 12, 2011


In the biz, there's the term "look-live."

A look-live is when the reporter shoots an introduction and ending to his or her story at the scene of the story. He or she says where they are, as if they were reporting from that place. The reporter looks like they're live.

The conversation leading up to a look-live goes like this--
Producer: "Hey, Bryan. While you're out at the scene of the fire, I'd like you to shoot me a look-live."
Bryan: "Ok."

Actually, that's how just about every conversation goes.

Producers ask a reporter to shoot a look-live when there's no possibility for a live shot from that location, or if an event is time sensitive and won't be happening during the newscast.

This week I shot several look-lives because we wouldn't have live shot capabilities.

Taking advantage of the ability to use multiple takes, I tried making them as interactive as possible.

1/4 Church Fire in Klamath Falls -- I heard the creaking of the piece of wood about to break and just started talking. Got lucky and nailed the take.

5/9 Elections Preps -- Loading a ballot counting machine in the intro. In the tag, there's someone dropping off their ballot behind me. If you think I didn't wait 7 minutes until someone actually drove up, you're crazy.

5/10 Painting Problems -- Pointing out the "sub-standard" work neighbors are upset about.

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