Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday and Tuesday's stories

Been a little bit out of commission lately, but I've been busy. Last week, I worked nightside (2p-12a) and somehow it takes a bit more out of me and blogging goes to the wayside.

This weekend, I had a whirlwind trip back to Saint Mary's for Graduation 2011. Fantastical time to see my friends.

Monday and Tuesday brought good stories with them.

Monday morning we got an email about a local man who was in Portland and saved the life of a transient who was stuck in his sleeping bag, and on fire. It happened late Sunday night, and John Filipowicz wasn't in the Rogue Valley. But thanks to a phone book and a handful of calls, we got a hold of him. You'll see it's a story that's "only on" NewsWatch 12. We were the only news outlet from our area to talk to John. Hero from Gold Hill.

Tuesday, we got an email that Mount Ashland received the go-ahead from the US Forest Service. This comes after decades of hopes of expansion, and about 4 years of additional court-mandated research on the environmental effect. Expanding the area would draw a lot more skiers, say mountain officials. I got to interview three people, drive up to the Ski Area, and shoot a bunch of fun video on the empty mountain. And at the 6, I went behind the desk for the story. Mt. Ashland gets OK to expand.

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