Monday, July 26, 2010

Al Gore's Crazed Sex Poodles

Monday night = Trivia night at the Four Daughters Irish Pub

Al Gore's Crazed Sex Poodles = Our team for the aforementioned trivia night.

131 = our total points.

1 = our finishing position

We won at trivia night! Reporter Steven Sandberg, his fiancee Amanda, reporter Erin Maxson, head director, Matt Valladeo, and I made up the team. We got there around 7, ordered drinks and dinner, and by 7:30 the questions were coming.

Some interesting facts we learned:
Bashful is the first dwarf when named alphabetically.
Wyoming is the least populated of the 48 continental US states.
Keaton was the last name of the family in Family Ties.
Andrew Jackson was the president who got in many duels.
It takes 41 coffee beans to make a shot of espresso.
The Neverending Story was the most expensive film made outside of the US and USSR at its release.
A Georgia man found out his wife committed suicide, watched the Super Bowl, then called police.
Greenland is the biggest island, New Guinea is second.
The US-Mexico border is the most crossed border in the world.
Land O Lakes is the brand of butter with the Native American priestess on the logo.
The L. in Samuel L. Jackson stands for......wait for it......Leroy.

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