Friday, July 16, 2010

Toddler TV

I got my first solo story today.

At the morning production meeting, the team was dividing up stories and the Executive Producer/Assistant News Director/Anchor, Brian Morton, suggested to the rest of the staff that I was ready to take on a story on my own. I said that I was.

It felt great to work and figure out everything on my own. The newsroom trusted me, too.

While it's only my first week and my first real story I'm already looking at what I need to do better next time. I was pretty late in getting my scripts and videos in and left my producer in the dark until the last minute. After the show, I talked with some of the reporters (who have been more than incredibly helpful) and they offered a lot of advice to be quicker. Since editing is my strong point, work on making writing quicker and more efficiently. Work the story out in the car while I'm driving back to the station. Know which sounds I want to use before I start working. Get a rough draft of the scrip to the producer earlier so they can offer feedback sooner.

There were a lot of pieces that could have gone better, and that's one of the reasons why I like this industry. If you want to improve, you get the chance to do that the very next day.


  1. Bryan! Your VO (hehe, LOVED the glossary) made you sound so much older, but definitely super professional! Congrats on your first solo story!

  2. Thanks for sharing Bryan! It's weird to think of you as a working professional, but after listening/watching your story, you have me convinced! Can't wait to keep following :)

  3. Congrats Bryan! So crazy that you're actually on air already!