Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For you Mac makeup users, you know what I'm talking about.

Yup, I bought make-up. For myself.

Part of the reporter job is to be on camera. And the camera doesn't like to shoot dark subjects, so there are usually bright lights on the talent when they are on camera. The lights and the camera don't do a lot hiding imperfections, so it's necessary to wear makeup.

It's not like I want to, it's simply part of the job. Plus, KDRV gives me a monthly stipend to buy it so ugly faces don't show up on their channel.

I don't put it on at home and wear it all day. I don't put it on at the station and wear it all day. The only time I'll put it on is just before a live shot where the production crew brings in a light or two so the camera can see my face. That's it.

Knowing live shots are coming soon, I went to the Mac makeup station at the local Macy's. And, with much help, am now the owner of NW30 Foundation and Cover-Up.

It's just part of the job...

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  1. My only question is how did you decide on MAC makeup? Is it because of your preference for Apple computers? ;)