Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Live...

I fronted my first story today. Fronting means to introduce a story. Translation: I was live on camera today.

They spared me some major embarrassment and let me go in front of the Wall (the green screen in studio). So I was able to use a teleprompter to read the script that I had written earlier in the day.

If I could go back there's a lot of things I'd do different:
-Wear a jacket
-Wear makeup
-Slowwww Down
-Have an IFB earpiece (like the Secret Service have)
-Get down to the studio sooner
-Slowwww Down
-Practice a few more times
-And slow down

I liked being on camera and being able to tell the story I worked on all day. Reading the prompter was nice, too. And I'm happy that I didn't goof up too bad or drop any curse words when I screwed up.

Big credit to my producers and the management at the station taking a chance at having me on camera. It was my first time being 'live' ever. And their station reaches over half a million people in 100,000 homes.

At the station, they say that the news team is only as good as it's weakest member. Hopefully, I'm getting better quicker, so the team can stay good.

Here it is...

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  1. Bryan, job well done for your 1st live report. You have a natural charming personality that draws people into you. Simple: bring that out on the air and you will have people 'asking for seconds'...
    Uncle Kenny