Monday, July 26, 2010

Behind the Desk

Got the chance to go "behind the desk" tonight for the 6:00 news.

I covered the closing of a bank based in Cave Junction (about an hour from Medford) that had several branches in Grants Pass (halfway between Cave Junction and Medford). While Home Valley Bank closed, South Valley Bank and Trust took over. South Valley is located in Klamath Falls (about an hour and a half east).

It was my only story for the day and wound up being the lead for the 6. The original plan was to have me front the package in a live remote shot in front of a South Valley bank just down the street, but crazy weather and lightning nixed all live remote shots. The producer decided she wanted me to be behind the desk to front the story.

I printed out my script, put on my jacket, and headed down to the studio. Getting in the seat and behind the desk ahead of time helped put my mind at ease.

Being in the studio was great. I'm happy with how I did. Check it out:

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