Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear NFL, Welcome Back...

I'm very glad that football is back. This year I'm getting a little more involved with the sport and am taking part in a couple different pools.

First, for the past decade or so, my immediately family makes picks for each game all season. Everyone submits their picks for who will win each week before the game begins. I can't remember who's won over the past few years, but I know it's never been me. Hopefully it changes this year.

Second, I'm taking part in's Pigskin Pick 'Em. You make picks each week against the spread. Doing just alright there.

Last, but not least: Fantasy Football. A couple guys from work and their buddies have a league each year and they asked to me to be part. Though, I'd never played Fantasy before, I wasn't about to say no. Though I had no experience, luck played me a good hand and I had first overall pick in the draft. I chose Tennessee Titan RB Chris Johnson. I won't go into my whole roster, but I was able to get Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Hakeem Nicks, Calvin Johnson, Devin Aromashadu, and Tony Gonzalez. I think it's safe to say I have some of the best starters in our league, but we'll see how the season turns out. Winner gets a prize from a cash pool.

To watch the games, six of the guys in the league went over to our Sport Guy's house to watch some of the games on Sunday Ticket. In their basement, they set up two HDTVs: one airing the Red Zone channel that brings up the most exciting moments in all the games currently being played and the other had a channel called GameMix that showed all eight games that were being played at that time. It was like being in a control room at the NFL Network.

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  1. I can tell you who has won our family pool since she started playing four years ago: MOM!!!!