Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Review 9/6-9/10

On Labor Day, I covered a picnic organized to celebrate those in the working class. It was nice to see an event that commemorated the real reason behind Labor Day:

On Tuesday, I met US Senator, Ron Wyden. He was visiting Medford because there was a summit for executives from E-Commerce businesses from the Rogue Valley. E-Commerce (online retailers like is an industry that's relatively big in Southern Oregon. Medford has 22 times the amount of internet commerce jobs that an average community does. It's an industry worth more than $1 billion dollars in So. Or.

On Wednesday, a benefit was held for the victims (I don't like using that word) of the Oak Knoll Fire that destroyed 11 homes in late August. It was organized by the City of Ashland and many businesses in the community donated products for the event. It was incredibly heartwarming to see so many come out in support of those affected by the fire. I talked with one homeowner who lost her house and she had some amazing things to say about the loss of her house and possessions, the community support, and what it all means. I'll be adding a post with some of her quotes and why they might be so important later in the week. For now, here's the story:

On Thursday, I previewed the opening of a pedestrian footbridge that crosses over a busy intersection. The footbridge is a $2.3 million dollar project that connects a bike and hiking trail that stretches about 20 miles along I5. I was able to talk with some bicyclists who have to cross the street and are looking forward to the new bridge opening on Sunday.

On Friday, I worked on a breakout story based on the big fire in San Bruno. I had heard reports that neighbors in the area smelled natural gas as early as three weeks before the explosion. I was able to talk with the local utilities company and fire departments about what people should do if they smell natural gas in their home or their own neighborhood. After that, I went to shoot another Friday Night Blitz game: Brookings at Phoenix. The Friday Night Blitz happens to be Newswatch12's most watched show. We provide the most coverage of games out of all of the stations in the market and tend to have better video (that's just a personal opinion). If you feel the desire to learn a bit more about Southern Oregon High School Football, you can watch the entire 15-minute show here:

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