Sunday, September 5, 2010

Southern Oregon Adventures II: Oregon Coast

Last Saturday (8/28) four of us from the station decided to make a daytrip to the coast. We had talked about going a few weeks ago, but some schedule conflicts made it look like we weren't going to be able to make it happen. We found out at the last minute that it WAS going to be able to happen, and it did.

Faris (Web News Director), Kaylin (Morning Anchor), and Kerry-Ann (Morning Producer), and I packed into Kaylin's car and headed to the coast. On the way, there was an accident that blocked traffic in both directions for several hours. Finally, we got to Hwy 101 and were following the freeway north alongside the ocean. It was about 6:00 and we knew we wanted to stop at a few beaches at some point, so we decided to eat first (something we hadn't done in a long while) and then hit beach stops as the sun was setting on the way back.

We made it to Gold Beach and had dinner at the Port Hole Cafe overlooking the marina and the ocean. On the drive down we stopped at Cape Sebastian, some place I can't remember the name of, and Harris Beach. Three beautiful places.

We were on the unnamed beach as the sun set and I couldn't help thinking that we were some of the last people on the continental states to see the sun. People in New York hadn't seen the sun in three hours. Some people inland, maybe even in Medford, maybe couldn't have seen the sun for the last fifteen minutes. We were the last people to see the sun. It was momentous.

I took lots of photographs and a a few video clips and posted some of them here.

A swimming hole off the side of the freeway. But we didn't swim in it.

Blackberries grow everywhere up here. We picked some from the side of the road.

Beach right around sunset.

Kaylin taking pictures of the sand on wind-stricken beach.

Sunset on a fantastic day.

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