Monday, September 13, 2010


This week I finally made the move to the Nightside Shift. In the news biz, there is the Dayside Shift (9am-6pm) and the Nightside Shift (2pm-11pm). The Dayside crew puts together the 5 and 6 shows, while the Nightside crew puts together the 6:30 and 11 shows. When I was first hired I was going to move to nightside my second week, but some management changes pushed everything back to this week. On Tuesday 9/7, I finally started working Nightside.

I was excited to change for a few reasons. The timeframe fits with my personal awake and sleep schedule a whole lot more. In college, I usually did homework in the late evening and night. Working in the afternoon instead of the morning just seems to a more natural fit for me.

Because the two shows are so distant, I will work on one story for the earlier show and a second for the later story. I think the way I'm wired makes it easier for me to focus on one story at a time. I have some difficulty going back and forth between different stories as I did during the Dayside shift. But I'll be able to break up the stories by show and really focus on one and not get anything twisted. Hopefully...

Also, I'm looking forward to working with the nightside team. The producer, Kelley Ashford, and the anchor, Emily Wood, are two of my closer friends at the station and we get along pretty well. I think I'm going to like working with them.

In the first week of being nightside, I am really enjoying my schedule. My timeframe looks something like this:
2:15 -- arrive at station, go through emails, check out possible story ideas
2:45 -- production meeting, assign stories and angles
3:00 -- head out into the field to first story
4:30ish -- get back to the station and start writing and editing my story in the 6:30
6:30 -- front a story live in the 6:30 show
7 -- head back into the field for a second story
8:30ish -- get back to the station to work on second story
11 -- front a different story in the late show.

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