Friday, September 10, 2010

Into the Lion's Den

Thursday evening I was assigned to cover a story about the Jackson County Republicans holding a grand opening to their new Headquarters. I wasn't sure what to expect to find when I arrived. Sometimes these type of events are all hype and there's only half a dozen or so people there. When I got to new office, it was packed with maybe 70 people all watching and passionately applauding several candidates there.

Listening to some of the candidates speak about their upcoming campaigns, I couldn't help but think of counters to their views. And I wasn't sure if any of the GOPers near me could sense anything was off.

Thankfully they didn't. The organizers were happy to have media coverage there (the other TV stations weren't there, and I didn't see any print media there). I interviewed the Chairperson and afterward he asked: "So you're a Republican I take it?" I broke the news to him that I wasn't. No riots occurred.

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