Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cranes and the Coast

Been a good week so far. Monday's story was fun and I enjoyed telling it. The trend kept going right on through the front half of the week.

Tuesday brought some big economic news to the Rogue Valley. One the area's biggest companies, Erickson Air Crane, is going to the biggest financial stage in America: Wall Street. The company designs and builds massive, heavy lift helicopters and is now publicly traded on NASDAQ. Legally, the company cannot make public statements, so I had to work in a completely roundabout way. It was tough, but I think the story turned out great.

Wednesday sent me to California. I profiled another business that could cash in on a $155,000 investment next week. Eco Vision creates sustainable, biodegradable packaging for body care products. The founder started with organic lip balm and body creams, but when the tubes and jars didn't match the sustainable stuff inside, he knew he had to make change. He's the first to make the packaging out of paper, and other companies are buying his packaging. It's a pretty innovative idea that may be catching on in the next few years.
While I was at Crescent City, I stopped by the beach to get video (and took a few moments of zen for myself.) I sent the video back and it was used as the introduction to the long weather hit at 6:00. Enjoy the sights and sounds:

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